We dig objects and images. Instant photography in its many forms satisfies that craving. The clack of integral film cameras, the satisfaction of peeling paper from negative on pack film and the challenge of pouring collodion over metal plate or glass. Hands on. Near instant failure or success.

Somehow, that’s a joy. Of course it’s not all process, success derives from the image. Maybe one out of 8 is a keeper, maybe none. And while we appreciate the tactile-ness of the medium, it’s a bit deflating when the final image is a dud. So we press on. Looking for that 1 in 8 or 1 in 10 or 1 in 1000.

What we hope to do here at /PACK/PEEL/POUR/ is bring some attention to the people dedicated to “instant” photography of many kinds. Chat about their successes, troubleshoot their failures and share techniques and insights with anyone interested in these little gems. We hope you will join us.

Nicole Stowe
has been an Art Director and Brand Specialist in advertising for the last 17 years. Discovering photography in college (she has a BFA in both Graphic Design and Photography from Delta State University) she has felt compelled to keep making images ever since. Fun fact: she still has her original class pinhole camera made out of a Quaker Oats cylinder.

She collects vintage photography and cameras of all types, and enjoys making the occasional instant frankencamera – typically a fun, if not colossal, failure. Having known Seth for over 20 years, it was easy to say yes to PPP.

Seth Boonchai
has been a creative nomad most of his adult life. He has had stints in reality television, arts education, database management, web-design, retail and the food industry. Some constants in his life are a handful of close friends and a camera. HIs favorite cameras  have always been the instant ones.